One of the fundamental building blocks of our liberal democracy is the rule of law, and that we are all subject to the law to the same degree.

Unfortunately, Mr Dominic Cummings’ travels around England, and I suggest that this story will run on for a while, and the Conservative government’s defence of them suggest that the law and the rules are not the same for all. Widespread condemnation and derision have met the government’s declarations.

Some politicians tell us that we should ignore all this and concentrate on working for the future and that we should focus on the Covid-19 challenge, I feel they are missing the point.

If we are all in this together then we should not have one rule for us and another for those in number 10. That is unacceptable.

It also sends the wrong message. What sort of society are we when the rulers have one set of rules for themselves and one for us?

Many remember the story of Marie Antoinette the Queen during the French Revolution who when told that the peasants had no bread to eat suggested that they have cake instead. Does the disconnect between us and those in Number 10 stretch this far? Looking at the anger displayed both locally and nationally I would say so.

Moving forward together we need some honesty and integrity. These are other foundations of liberal democracy. The inability to accept responsibility for failures, including delaying lockdown and the care home fiasco, and the continual search for scapegoats - watch out Matt Hancock and The Science - does not bode well for us all in the future.

Whilst we will fully support the government in its campaign against Covid-19 we also have a duty to challenge constructively. The government should concentrate on the job at hand.

Cummings is a distraction that needs to go.

Luigi Gregori, Charlton Road, Andover