Today I write to thank our Doctors. We have thanked the nurses, carers, and health professionals. I fully agree as I am a nurse, carer, and therapist too, knowing the work involved.

Doctors have worked how many hours? In how many hospitals? In how many clinics and homes?

The GP clinic’s reply by telephone system, during the coronavirus, I found to be so prompt, thorough, and helpful.

With more time, in this time of our lives, I have learned how to revise, search and gain simple computer systems of ordering medication, seeking written advice and forwarding messages. The NHS provides all.

My simple, not confidential, records or letters have been hand posted through the letter box of my clinic. My GP has responded with prompt text messages, all of which have confirmed or advised me what to do next.

So, thank you from me. The eight weeks of isolation, with GP support, on the positive level has personally pushed me forward with the time to think and consider which is now reflecting in my health. Thank you.

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