An ANDOVER coach has celebrated becoming a best-selling author on Amazon after sharing her story of tackling imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern that can affect anyone. It’s a feeling of self-doubt and anxiety that can manifest itself without any clear reason for doing so.

Lindsey Hood, 41, born and raised in Andover, released her debut book ‘Live a Big Life in a Quiet Way’, which became a bestseller within hours of its release in the occupational and organisational psychology category on Amazon.

She specialises in working with women across the globe including the USA, Canada, Africa and the UK, who secretly struggled with imposter syndrome.

Lindsey describes herself as an introvert first and foremost, however, this does not define her lifestyle and she is on a mission to show others that their personality trait needn’t hinder their way of life.

The coach said: “So many people, like me, have sometimes, are currently, or continually suffer with Imposter Syndrome - this is defined by the feelings of being a ‘fraud’, the fear that you’ll get ‘found out’ and the belief that you’re not good enough. This can be ad-hoc or in the worst cases can be crippling. Through this book and my work as a coach, I am passionate to share my story with people and explore with the reader how we all have unlimited potential for change.”

This bare-all book reveals Lindsey’s personal struggle climbing the corporate ladder for over 16 years whilst she worked in the banking industry within financial services. Each time she got a promotion she would always have this feeling a couple of months later that she wasn’t good enough or that she would be found out.

Although on the outside she looked like everything was okay, inside she was fraught and constantly worried whether she was enough. After years of worrying, Lindsey started her own personal development journey and saw that this pattern of ‘not being good enough’ was also mirrored in her personal life too – this was imposter syndrome.

You can purchase a Kindle edition via Amazon and a hardback copy is available from Waterstones.