TIDWORTH Town Football Club (TTFC) has issued a warning to the public that the football grounds are closed, after people were reported jumping fences.

TTFC said: “Please be aware that entering the football grounds on Humber Lane during this time is not permitted.

“There have been almost daily occurrences of people entering the grounds by jumping fences and gates.

“This is a danger to the individual and potentially damaging to the fence.

“Injury caused by climbing the fence will not be the responsibility of the club and damage will need to be repaired with funding allocated to training equipment.”

They have had to ask a group of 12 adults and youths to leave the premises.

The groundsman has spent several hours during lockdown preparing the ground to look its best before players are permitted to play again.

“Unauthorised use of the pitches is damaging and disrespectful to the volunteers that maintain them.

“The top of the fences and gates have been treated with anti-climb paint to prevent unauthorised use of the ground.

“This paint is non-drying, and any efforts to climb may result in slips causing serious injury. The paint will stain skin and clothes.

“It is unfortunate that we have had to take this measure to preserve the ground.

“There is to be no unauthorised access to the ground.

“TTFC will not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or their belongings whilst entering the ground during this period,” the club said.

One social media user wrote on Spotted Tidworth Facebook page: “If people have to physically climb over fences then surely they know they are entering a place they shouldn’t. Some people are so disrespectful.”