RUNAWAY cows were on the loose again this morning (Friday) after vaulting a fence at Anton Lakes.

It comes after police had been called on Thursday evening to help round up a number of breakaway bovines which had escaped from a field at the Andover beauty spot.

They had been seen roaming the pathways between Anton Lakes and KFC at Enham Arch Retail Park before officers were able to return them to their field.

But this morning they were back on the loose once more, this time on the footpath behind Greenwich Way, adjacent to the field they had escaped from.

When our reporter swung by this morning, the animals were calmly grazing in the hedgerows, largely minding their own business.

Leader of the borough council, Councillor Phil North was in attendance, trying his hand briefly as a makeshift cattle herder.

The farmer responsible for the cows was also present, and with the help of some cattle feed managed to coax them back to where they came from.

It is understood that the cows escaped by vaulting the fence, in search of more varied vegetation than the grass in their paddock that they were used to.

Cllr North wrote on his Facebook page: “A quick update following the escaped cattle at Anton Lakes. I’ve been on site with the local grazier this morning and I’m pleased to report that they’ve now all been captured and moved into a different field.

“Apparently the cows in question had jumped the fence (as we now expect they did last night) to get something better to eat in the hedgerow. I’ve never heard of cows leaping over fences before but the local farmer says if they can jump over the moon they can get over a fence - especially where it’s a bit lower!

“They were due to be moved to a different field this week anyway where there is better grazing - so fingers crossed no more escaped cattle. I’ll obviously follow up with the Test Valley Borough Council countryside team about potential additions to the fencing where it is particularly low.

“Thanks to those who tagged me last night and this morning to let me know about the situation.

“Thankfully, my time herding cattle is now over.”