It was Christmas Day 2019 when Katie Jones and her husband were greeted with the best gift they could imagine - news they were expecting baby number two.

The excitement was almost overwhelming as they began planning their life as a family of four.

But this quickly changed when Katie discovered she suffered a miscarriage in February.

"I couldn’t understand why, why us," she told the Advertiser.

"What had we done to deserve this?"

The Tidworth mum went looking for support groups around the area, but the closest one she could find was up in Devizes.

"As a large military community I was shocked, with so many families in one close knit area and there was nothing local," she added.

"So, I set up a local support group on Facebook called 'Miscarriage and Infant loss support group (Tidworth and surrounding areas)'."

Soon, dozens had joined to share their stories. Monthly meet-ups were arranged, but then coronavirus struck.

Katie's work was one of the first places to shut down.

"I tried to keep busy, but being cooped in the house didn’t help and my mental health went downhill rapidly," she added.

"Again, I tried to pick myself up and find a distraction; where is where my next adventure began - making fudge.

"I have always been quite creative and had the idea of creating a small business - within a week 'Oh Fudge Sticks' was open.

"With the business in mind, I wanted to create a charity fudge to raise money and awareness for miscarriage and infant loss.

"I created 'Angel Wings' - a vanilla rainbow bar; where all profits go to The Miscarriage Association. Every day I question how we have done so well and cannot thank everyone enough for the support we have received. Our misfortune turned into fortune and thanks to the business our angel will always be remembered."