Good morning! It’s Friday so it’s the Andover Advertiser day for me.

Six days a week I’m fine, but on Fridays, I won’t do anything till I read my copy of the Andover Advertiser, catching up with local news especially all, that is good, in our town.

So you will understand that have been given the opportunity by Katie French, the paper’s editor, a column where I can showcase all the beautiful things I see daily in and around our beautiful town, that I would start this off, by profiling some of my Attitude of Gratitude award winners.

Each of them have awesome personalities and characters, so that simply by being themselves makes everyone they come into contact with, happier and feeling blessed

I currently have over twenty five of them, but here are just some of them for this week, Rev Jill Bentall, Ron Woolven, Amina Rahamn, Karen Hamilton, Chris Williams, Rahela Khanom, Thoryn Gittos, Julian Chen, Janine St John, Christine Mellor, Muhammad Bilal, Megan Nikolic

Every day around us are some pretty wonderful people, I have a burning ambition to share out good news when ever I come across things that are uplifting, my award winners are classic examples of what is good wholesome and lovable about our town.