The last few months have ups and downs for businesses across Andover.

Some have been forced to fire staff, others have said goodbye to their office buildings for the last time.

At Kenyon's Food and Veg, they have been working harder than they ever worked before.

The store in Weyhill Road has remained operational throughout the lockdown with manager Nikki Kenyon telling the Advertiser that business was so busy that "every day was like Christmas day."

"The wholesale side of things went very quiet," she said.

Andover Advertiser:

"Pubs did takeaways and other places did pop up shops, so they would get fruit and veg to take back and sell it that way, but not too much.

"But the shop itself never shut and was ten times busier than normal."

And when it came to customers obeying the rules, Nikki said that the amount of issues they encountered was next to none.

"On the whole people have been so kind and helpful," she added.

"I could count on 1 hand the amount of problems we’ve had in the past 18 weeks.

"We have a one way system in place, we either have a family member or friend monitor the door and only let so many people in at a time and we carry out regular deep cleans."

But it is a new addition to the store that has caught the attention of some customers.

Andover Advertiser:

Alex Brown is the assistant general manager at Evolve Security Products which operates on Kenyons Yard, right next to the fruit and veg shop.

It was there that they designed the Evolve Face 5T & Evolve Android7T Mask and Temperature Detection terminal.

"When Covid-19 started back in March, Willings on the Kenyons Yard kindly let us trial a thermal imaging gun,," Alex said.

"They knew we had a high volume of people in and out of the shop.

"From this, we had great reviews from customers feeling it was one of the much safer stores to go to.

"At the time Willings and Evolve where developing other products such as the one you see in the shop.

"We too thought this was a great ideas and got one into Kenyon's immediately. The first day we put it in the shop we had people coming in to specifically see the product."

Andover Advertiser:

The device works by using a forehead temperature sensor to check customers as they come in and also detect to see if a mask is being worn.

It is configured to prompt and alert the uses to wear a mask, which will then decide whether to allow entry or not.

You can even add the faces of the users - such as staff and customers - and keep a record of their visit.

"With the uncertainty of the virus rising and falling, many owners of much larger companies are trying to get back to normality which is nearly not viable," Alex finished.

"The costs for businesses to make offices at home, the cost to change the workplace, the risk your business could close again due to a spike in virus cases are all things people need to think about.

"We see the benefits from the product and the customers have been very welcoming and grateful to have this in the shop."