The fire brigade has released a statement following a huge blaze in Stockbridge last night.

The message read: "At just before 8.30pm, Andover Fire Station was sent to a large fire in the open with numerous other stations in Stockbridge.

"Our P7 and our P1 Fire Appliances, and also our Land-rover were requested.

"The two pumps returned to station followed slightly later by the Land-rover. All appliances back at station at 12.30am."

A local resident has shared the moment he looked outside his window to see a field close to his house on fire.

"It was a bit of a shock," the North Houghton resident said.

"We live near Test Valley School and the field behind was suddenly just this big, bright orange glow."

The resident first realised something was up shortly after 8pm, when a fire broke out in the fields. "I was in the garden painting furniture. My wife was upstairs. She lent out the window and said she could hear crackling and smell smoke."