Residents have reacted in shock after hearing that a motorcyclist died in a police chase and a man was shot at a property in Enham yesterday afternoon.

Police have since launched an investigation in Upper Enham near Andover shortly after 3pm on (wednesday, August 5).

Officers were called in to an address in MacCallum Road following a report of an assault of  a man. The shooting victim has since been named locally as parish councillor James Nash and is in a serious condition in hospital.

The assistant manager of Enham Charity Shop, Nicki Fern, 53, from Picket Piece, told The Advertiser: "It's very worrying to think that this sort of thing is happening in Andover, in the village of Enham.

"My father was on the phone frantically telling me that he saw two policemen in the road with guns, and he was concerned for my welfare at the time.

"It's shocking because you don't expect this sort of thing to happen here so close to home.

"My prayers go out to the victim in Southampton hospital and to all those affected by this horrific ordeal."

Nicki said she heard ambulance sirens and police cars going back to Andover, and police cars passing through Charlton and Kimpton.

Another resident from Enham, who wishes to remain anonymous, witnessed an air ambulance and emergency services passing through the village, but was "left in the dark" with what was going on yesterday afternoon.

"It all happened so fast but the emergency services were professional.

"It was a freak occurence and we don't normally see things like that.

"It was like something out of a movie, and people were in shock yesterday," she said.