A MAN helped firefighters tackle a huge blaze in Broughton on Friday after a combine harvester caught alight.

Chris, a 23-year-old with learning disabilities, used sign language, to direct firefighters to the correct field after the huge inferno spread across eight hectacres of field.

It was the second largest fire in the area this week - after fields behind Test Valley went up in smoke on Tuesday night.

The Advertiser previously reported that crews from Andover Fire Station were mobilised at approximately 1300 to a fire in the open in Broughton.

A water carrier appliance and P7 fire appliance were sent out to tackle the huge blaze.

Personal carer to Chris, Gemma Wood, 35, from Acre Court, was driving down the road with the 23-year-old when they saw the huge inferno.

Speaking about the blaze, Gemma said: "We saw the big combine on fire and it set alight due to overheating.

"It was a bit scary but fascinating because the fire went up so quickly.

"I saw about seven fire engines and a water tanker."

Chris ran over to the firemen and used makaton, a form of sign language, to tell them where the blaze was.

The firemen put their thumbs up to thank Chris for his assistance.

After receiving recognition for helping the firemen, Gemma said Chris "lit up" and it "made his day".

They also saw the diesel tank explode unexpectedly, as the combine harvester went up in flames.

"It was a shock and I didn't expect it to happen.

"It was a bit dramatic," Gemma said.