ANDOVER wildlife artist Pip McGarry recently notched up a record sale in a London gallery when his large 60 by 40inch oil painting called ‘The Path Ahead’ sold for £85,000.

The painting was painted from Pip’s experiences in Botswana, where he has taken many groups on safari.

Says Pip ‘We had crossed the Magwikhwe sand ridge and headed into the Mababe depression, when these five bull elephants appeared out of the mopane bush.

They seemed completely unconcerned by our presence and continued walking towards us…but as they got closer they fanned out and passed us by on either side, re-grouping once they had gone by’. In the seventies, Andover resident Pip, played football for Andover Town and also boxed as an amateur for Andover ABC. He has been the official ‘Artist in Residence’ at Marwell Zoological Park, near Winchester for over twenty years and his popular Meridian Television series ‘A Brush With The Wild’ was shown in 2004.