Rookwood School is celebrating another year of “excellent” GCSE results, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and grading saga.

Every pupil received at least six Grade fours or above, the equivalent of a C under the previous grading system, while the majority of grades given were seven or above – previously an A or A*.

The highest achieving pupil was Olivia Schneider, Rookwood’s Head Girl, who received 8 Grade nines, the top Grade, as well as two Grade eights and a seven.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Olivia said that she was “really happy” with her grades, despite the “really chaotic” pandemic.

“I was more excited than I was nervous,” she said, “but it all worked out for the best. It was strange, having nothing to do it. It was all up in the air, but now the year book is closed and I’m looking forward to something new.”

Olivia will be heading to Peter Symonds College in Winchester next term to study Biology, Chemistry, History and English, with long term ambitions to study law at Oxbridge or UCL.

Also heading to Peter Symonds is James Jones, who said he was “taken by surprise” by how well he had done.

“I was expecting to do well as I worked hard,” he said, “but I was still amazed with my results.”

Constance Brazier, meanwhile, will be heading to South Wilts Grammar School in Salisbury after receiving level nines in her English exams.

“It’s very unexpected, but I’m really happy with my results,” she said. She praised her teachers for their work during the pandemic, saying that she was “grateful” for all the help she had received.

Rookwood’s Headmaster, Anthony Kirk-Burgess, said: “Whilst exam results are very important for our students to continue their learning journey, I am very proud of the resilience and focus our Year 11 have shown during the lockdown period. I am pleased that they have received the excellent grades they deserve.”

This will be the last year that the 16-year-old students will have to leave Rookwood for their A levels, with a new Sixth Form opening at the school in September 2021.