A website containing details about the British Army Headquarters in Andover was found to have outdated and sexist language in it.

The website, which has since been removed contained this: “ As a general rule families, unless accompanied by their husbands, are not permitted access to any Army HQ Andover office buildings other than the DIO Ops Housing buildings.”

The outdated wording of the website was spotted by Chris Keen who is a military spouse.

He took to twitter to mock the website: “ It’s a good job we’re not posted to BritishArmy HQ Andover anytime soon!

“Kelly wouldn’t be able to go to work without me lol

“#oldfashioned #outdated #stereotyping”

When contacted by the Advertiser an Army spokesperson said: “We have been made aware of outdated instructions circulating on social media.

“This is not the kind of language we support as a diverse and inclusive organisation.

“The hosting website has been taken down and all instances have been removed.”

People on social media shared similar stories under Chris’s post one wrote: “I remember being on tour in Iraq and my wife telling me she had received a news letter from the welfare department.

"One of the articles was addressed to “All Headless Households”.

"Sometimes the military can be so backwards thinking.”

Another commented: “Oh no! I hadn't realised I should have taken my (civvy) husband with me last time I went to Army HQ. How silly of me.

“All these rules and regulations are far too much for my little woman's brain! #womenknowyourlimits”

A ban on women serving in close combat units in the British military was lifted in 2016 and since October 2018 women have been able to apply for all British military roles.

Gavin Williamson said that the announcment in 2018 meant for the first time that the "armed forces will be determined by ability alone and not gender".

The third party website containing these details has been taken down.