GOOD morning, today is Friday 11th of September.

Last Sunday I was fortunate to be to secure a seat to hear Revd. Andy Fitchet preach.

Something he said resonated with me:

“Love is a verb”

It’s so profound it’s worth repeating, “Love is a Verb”.

He is so incredibly right.

How often do you inwardly smile when those whom we admire respect and love, get nice things or achieve their goals?

Were genuinely happy for them.

We don’t covet their lives merely joyful that they are enjoying life.

Love hopes for the best for others. Love could never be mean.

To love one’s neighbour can be as simple as the absence of malice and not wishing anyone harm.

It is wishing someone well and simply offering heart felt good wishes.

Thoughts, are such incredibly powerful uses of one’s own energy, and vibrations.

I go one step further, making it my mission to pour oil on troubled waters and

consciously not contributing to derogatory comments on social media.

Andover is my home, I tend to think of it, as my extended family, that’s why it’s easy for me to be protective caring and positive - all qualities found in love Manuela.

Stay tuned next week for another column.