Andover will host its own Last Night or the Proms on September 11, 2021.

The event will feature four hours of music followed by the main event live on the big screen from the Royal Albert Hall.

Mayor of Andover Richard Rowles said: "We shall see and hear the very best of our live local music, with all the bells and whistles. All of Andover can fly the Union Flag with pride, so shall we all join in with all the lyrics and great songs that make this event so special"

"Outdoor socially responsible events like this will need to become the norm next year, it's not enough to just hope the Covid situation will go away. We must hope for the best and plan for the worst."

The event will be a charity event in aid of Frontline Children - a charity caring for children suffering from the aftermath of war, and The Enham Trust - who commit to help people with disabilities live a more fulfilling life.