A spell of hot and sunny weather is set for the start of the week in Hampshire as temperatures rise to almost 30 degrees.

After an unsettled end to August, with two storms and a heat wave, we will be seeing some unseasonable hot weather in Hampshire tomorrow.

Today, Sunday 13, will be sunny with a light breeze and temperatures peaking at 24° in North Hampshire.

But tomorrow some places in the UK could reach temperatures hotter than in Sydney Australia with high of 30 degrees Celsius.

A Met Office spokes person said: "We expect the heat to peak around Monday or Tuesday.

"Monday looks the best day in terms of hot weather and sunshine currently with mostly blue skies and temperatures potentially reaching highs of 28 degrees Celsius.

"The hot weather is a result of a change in the orientation of the Jetstream, it will be moving northwards throughout the next couple of days causing a surge of warm air to move up through France and Spain across much of England and Wales."

The hot weather is set to last until Wednesday and the rest of the week expected to be sunny with some cloud and temperatures sitting in the low 20s.

The latest hot spell comes just before autumn is set to begin on September 22.