A local village fete has gone ahead after initially being cancelled due to new Covid restrictions.

Thruxton Thrives, taking place in the eponymous village, was initially planned as an in-person event on Sunday September 13. However, the introduction of restrictions on gatherings to groups of six or less initially caused organisers to cancel the event altogether.

However, after feedback from village residents, they decided to go ahead with the competitive aspects of the fete in a socially distanced event renamed Thruxton Unites.

A “crack team” of judges assembled at organiser Richard Smart’s house to judge a series of categories, including Covid Cake, Jolliest Jam, Single Flower and Rudest Vegetable, while a group of residents watched on from a safe distance away.

Sophy Jennings was the big winner on the day, winning both the award of Perfect Vegetable for her runner beans and Perfect Fruit for her cucumber – technically, cucumbers fall under the botanic definition of a fruit.

Pat Counsell won the award for Jolliest Jam, while Louisa Chamberlain and Helene Smart won awards for Perfect Flower and Covid Cake respectively. Ross Mallock, meanwhile, won the coveted award for Rudest Vegetable.

Co-organiser Richard Smart said that Thruxton Unites had “some cracking entries,” and the people taking part “were all brilliant.”

He previously told the Advertiser that the decision to downscale the event was taken as organisers were worried it would “not set a great example for young people.”

Richard said that it was “prudent to downscale” the event, and was “still good to do something in the community.”

The event raised £90, £40 of which came from the £1 entry fees for each category, while £50 was donated by local residents. £50 will be given to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, while a remaining £40 will be used to organise a Halloween activity in the village.