“Mind-boggling” was how a local mother described the moment she found out her fundraising goal had been met.

Gemma Pearce has spent the last 10 months raising money for her son Toby, who has a severe form of epilepsy. The goal was to raise £14,544 for an adult-sized wheelchair to improve his quality of life; and has just been met.

“It’s a bit overwhelming, if I’m honest,” Gemma told the Advertiser. “At many points, it’s felt like it’s an impossible task, and it’s been emotional, that’s for sure. When we hit the target, I was in shock, and I don’t think it’s properly sunk in yet.”

There was a moment of panic when the decision to add a new control system for the chair added an extra £2,000 to the bill, but this cost was met by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Gemma put down a deposit on the chair two weeks ago, with an estimate of four to six weeks given to the family. However, with the chair being made in Germany, this may not include the extra time needed to ship it. “It’ll be here by Christmas anyway!” said Gemma. “It’s been incredible, and it’s because of everybody that we’re here.”

One of Toby's most committed fundraisers was Test Valley Borough Councillor Iris Andersen, who ended up walking 390 laps of her local cricket pitch to raise money for Toby. She told the Advertiser: “I’m very pleased. My whole heart and soul is for Toby to get this wheelchair.

“I’m ecstatic about how the people and businesses of Andover have come together. It’s absolutely tremendous, and I want to thank everybody.”

Though the cost of the chair has now been raised, the fundraising will continue to cover the costs of essential accessories for the chair, which as rain hoods and covers. Dr James Mackenzie, from New Street Dental Care, will be running the Clarendon Marathon to continue raising money for these items.

Anyone who wishes to contribute money to Toby’s fundraising campaign can click here to head to the fundraising page