Dear Editor, 

Our MP Kit Malthouse says we should report friends and neighbours to the police if they break the law over Covid.

What hypocrisy, given his support for Boris Johnson's Internal Market Bill, which by the Government's own admission, breaks a legal international treaty and threatens the Northern Ireland Peace Accord.

The repercussions of Britain putting itself above the democratic rule of law will be fatal to our economy and our national interests as a whole. 

We have aligned ourselves with nations like China, Russia and Iran - 'rogue states' that are similarly contemptuous of law and international treaties. 

This Bill means we can never claim the moral high ground, for now we are one of them. 

Former Tory leader and prominent Brexiter Michael Howard was one of many making this argument.

It is not just our economy and future trade deals that are imperilled, it is the fact that we have lost trust around the world. 

Our reputation has been trashed. Who would do business with someone whose word is worthless and whose signature isn't worth the paper it's written on? 

Of course we will trade, but will it ever be in good faith again? 

Will we be able to demand advantageous terms as an honourable partner?  I think not.  We have forfeited those rights and privileges in the cause of Brexit, and we must accept the consequences. 

However, as a patriotic Remainer, I will not break the law for Brexit (which seems to be the only way of ‘getting it done’). 

So I now make this clear to Mr Malthouse. 

As my MP, your support of this unlawful bill, in my name, makes me complicit in the criminal act of breaking an international treaty. I do not give you permission to do this. 

I will not be made your accomplice, and I wish this to be made public.

If an MP is guilty of breaking the law or supporting an act that breaks the law, conscience should dictate they go back to their constituents and ask for a vote of confidence. 

Seeing that support for a hard Brexit with no deal is the preferred option for many local Brexit zealots, I'm sure Mr Malthouse will win the day.

But some of us at least, might like a vote on whether we wish to be represented by law breakers.

Jennifer Godschall Johnson, address supplied.