Residents have labelled plans plans to build a new estate off Empress Way in Ludgershall as “an absolute joke.”

The developer, Foreman Homes, has submitted plans to build 190 dwellings, as well as associated car parking, access and engineering work, while land will be reserved for a two form primary school.

Residents have submitted their concerns about the proposals to the council, relating to a variety of issues including traffic, public amenities, and loss of farmland.

A number were concerned with the volume of traffic the development would cause both during and after its construction, with current plans requiring traffic to come over the railway bridge to access Empress Way. Resident Daniel Down described this decision as seeming “highly dangerous and unwise,” adding that it will become “a nightmare for residents going about their daily lives” because of the increase in road users.

Nicola Gawthorpe concurred, saying: “the infrastructure in Ludgershall simply cannot cope with the volume of traffic coming in now, let alone with the extra houses.”

Residents were also concerned over the provision of new facilities for the town, with Jaymee Dobell saying that “shops and amenities need to be increased before more houses are built.”

Lisa Hamson, meanwhile, said that she was “absolutely devastated.”

“Does anyone look at the amenities we have here?” she said, adding that she was “absolutely lost for words.”

Dianne Halliday, meanwhile said that the development would “have a serious impact on wildlife in the area.”

“There would be a dramatic decline in the natural local wildlife such as hare, deer, and numerous bird species including, fieldfares, redwings, skylarks and several birds of prey. Also, this would significantly affect a number of butterflies, insects and other pollinators.”

The Salisbury and Wilton swifts action group added to these concerns, saying that the current proposals to install nesting features for birds were “far too low a target for a development of this size.”

The plans are currently being considered by Wiltshire Council, who will respond in due course.