TEST Valley predicted to be a coronavirus hotspot by Saturday new data reveals.

The tool, devised by Imperial College London, predicts the parts of the country likely to see a rise in coronavirus cases to above 50 per 100,000, which it classes as a 'hotspot.'

Currently, the map indicates that this week the Test Valley local authority has a 75 per cent chance of reaching this infection level.

However, the map shows that by Saturday October 17, the chances soar to 89 per cent.

The predictions are worse the following week, ending on October 24, with the probability for Test Valley at 94 per cent.

Andover Advertiser:

The Prime Minister is expected to make an announcement on new, localised lockdown restrictions later today. 

It is though that different parts of England are to be split up into “medium”, “high”, or “very high” local Covid alert areas under a new three tier system.

The classification of areas will determine what type of “appropriate interventions” are to be made in them to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

With Andover cases set to rise to ‘hotspot’ levels in the coming weeks it is likely that the new restrictions will impact residents.

Only six areas in Hampshire are not predicted to hit hotspot levels by next Saturday.

They are Eastleigh, New Forest, Chichester, Fareham, Gosport and Havant.