A SCATHING review of Andover has been posted on the 'iLiveHere' here.

The website iLiveHere allows members of the public to post reviews of their home towns.

The latest post advises the visitors to 'avoid' Andover 'at all cost' as it hits out at the towns residents and amenities whilst comparing the town to Chernobyl.

The review begins by marking the town as the "most depressing place in the northern hemisphere".

They promptly move on to mocking the towns residents calling male residents "wannabe squaddies" and “blag pretend hard men”.

The women of the town have been described as “teenage mums” with “a variety of kids like the Kellogg mini cereal boxes”.

The review continues, to pick apart Andover’s amenities including the nightclub, petrol station, supermarkets and the “numerous 70s style cockroach dull grey houses”.

They brand locals on nights out as “Jamie Vardy lookalikes” and mock the women for wearing “ale and nicotine stained white dresses” with no coats.

The outrageous review does not stop there Andover is then described as the 'Gulag of Hampshire' and compared to Chernobyl.

Children were the next target on the reviewers list criticising them for running “amok in the estate fuelled by a daily diet of frozen micro chips and cider”.

In conclusion, it tells readers to "avoid this place at all costs" and urges them to use the nearest "decontamination unit" if they do indeed have the "misfortune" of frequenting the town.

The shameful review caused a stir with residents on Facebook.

Charmian Belingham said: "The surrounding countryside is breath taking and I love my friendly community village. The centre of town is the same as all others everywhere - a mix of good and spots to be avoided."

Denise Hall commented: "I quite like Andover. Got good charity shops there."

Rowena Winkworth posted: "Lived there in the eighties for a few years and loved it."

Mark Johnson said: "I expect someone in Andover wrote it, we do that to keep it a quiet town. Lack of proper public toilets apart, it is a nice place to live."