Gin, gin, gin. From classic and contemporary cocktails, to the simplest serve of all, gin might just be the world’s most go-to, multi-purpose tipple.

Ironically, it’s one of the few spirits we don’t drink neat. We nose the botanicals, admire the aromas that engage our senses, smile – and then dilute it.

In honour of International Gin and Tonic Day, here’s how to take your juniper hit to the next level…

1. Grab some garnish

A well garnished G&T is the dream. Think thyme and lavender with violet flavoured gin; coriander and slices of red and green chilli with a London Dry; edible flowers and star anise to pimp up your pink; lemongrass works well with gin and ginger; black peppercorns will add a kick; and pink grapefruit is a natural bedfellow with, you guessed it, pink grapefruit and pomelo gin.

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2. Cook with it

From sweet and savoury dishes to cheesecake, chocolate truffles and trifle, the botanicals in your favourite gin can be tailored to match your sweet or salty tooth. Think gin-gingered shrimps or a measure of gin in your vegetable stock, topped with juniper berries.

3. Brew a G and tea

Tea spiked with gin is a cheeky go-to cocktail that can be cleverly masked in a teapot. Add a measure of cold English breakfast tea to your gin and elderflower liqueur, top with tonic and you have a refreshing, floral cuppa – aka G and Tea.

4. Celebrate with a gin cocktail

Move over martini, we’ve fallen head over heels for this beautifully stylish concoction that cries out to be sipped in your fanciest flute. And for a little escapism, we think it’s worth dressing up for. Because some time – in the not too distant future – we’ll be ordering a cocktail in a glitzy bar and enjoying someone else fixing the drinks!