A Hampshire Charity has commemorated its 800th callout by releasing a series of images of its work.

Hampshire Search and Rescue (HANTSAR) was founded back in 2003 to search for vulnerable and at-risk missing people on behalf of the police. They can also be asked to conduct other searches, whether that is for evidence in a crime, a missing vehicle or a downed aircraft.

It is completely staffed by volunteers, who have to be trained in a variety of techniques including first aid, radio operation and search planning.

This allows them to carry out searches in a variety of lowland areas. This includes door to door enquiries and searches of other urban locations, such as car parks and recreation grounds, as well as in open countryside and woodland. Occasionally, they also are asked to search beaches or riverbanks in conjunction with the Coastguard or Environment Agency.

17 years on from being founded, HANTSAR recently responded to an overnight call from Hampshire Constabulary to look for a missing person, who was located safe and well after several hours’ searching with assistance from Hampshire Search and Rescue Dogs (HSARD). As well as being their 800th callout overall, it was also their 100th of 2020.

The charity said: “The 800th Callout is not a cause for celebration nor a reason to glorify what we do. Far from it, but it is a time for reflection. We think of those we have tried to help over the years, their families and the commitment of our trained volunteers past and present.

“More recently, due to COVID-19, we have taken additional steps to protect ourselves but have still responded to every request for assistance. We will continue to do so on behalf of the police and our local communities.”

To learn more about HANTSAR, click here to visit their website.