A Twitter user has created a map displaying all the places helping out their communities with free school meals.

The map which was put together today helps struggling families across the UK find out where they can go to get free food during the holidays.

It was created after footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign to provide free meals to children during the school holidays.

The England and Manchester United striker, 22, posted a string of tweets to his 3.6 million followers on Thursday night and Friday morning, highlighting cafes, bars, restaurants and other organisations who had volunteered to help children going hungry.

The viral campaign came after MPs rejected a bid from Labour, backed by the footballer, to extend free school meals over the school holidays until Easter 2021.

Ollie Gerrard, a Degree Apprentice at Cisco, has now created a map which shows the exact location of places offering free meals.

He wrote on his twitter today: "Trying to build a map for all the places helping with free school meals.

"@ me to add somewhere. Working through all of @MarcusRashford 's Tweets.

"Click a marker for more info"

Ollie added three hashtags #bemoremarcus #FreeSchoolMeals #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY.

Among the businesses and organisations around the country who offered free food were tea rooms, churches, farms and takeaways.

However, currently there are no places in North Hampshire listed as offering to help out despite having a high number of children receiving school meals.

Basingstoke alone has 2,535 children entitled to free school meals, this is the same as many Northern and London constituencies.