A hoax Twitter account claiming Woolworths was set to make a comeback has been denounced by the brand's owner. 

But before you get too excited, the owner of Woolworths, The Very Group, has said the account is not linked to them.

But when pressed by The Advertiser, a spokesman for The Very Group did not rule out that Woolworths may return to Britain's high streets. 

In a statement, a spokesman said: “We own the Woolworths trademark in the UK. The Twitter account UKWoolworths is not connected to The Very Group.”

The chain, which was loved for it Pick ‘n’ Mix, shut its doors on Andover High Street for the final time in January 2009.

A tearful farewell marked the end of Woolies which was part of Andover for almost 80 years.

But if the announcement is true then we could see the major chain back on UK highstreets very soon.

The twitter account claimed they are “here to save 2020” as they announced Woolworths is coming back as a physical store.

They allege the return will be via 3 trial stores, that are being planned to open late 2021.

The claims have created a buzz on social media with twitter users reminiscing about everything the stores had to offer from Pick ‘n’ Mix to Christmas catalogues.

Woolworths opened in Andover in 1930 on the High Street but in 1972 they bought the Burtons building next door and built a new superstore which opened on June 15.

The store lasted until January 2009, with its closing date delayed by one day because they had too much stock.

Today you will find Poundland in the building that used to house Woolies.