The northbound A34 carriageway has reopened following an incident near Whitchurch.

All northbound lanes were closed following the incident, with police and ambulances on the scene being assisted by traffic officers.

Hampshire County Council said that traffic was being diverted via Tufton and through Whitchurch, with reports that traffic “is pretty much gridlock[ed] due to this incident.”

 The diversion continued through Whitchurch and then rejoins the A34 at Litchfield.

At the time, Hampshire Constabulary said: “We are currently dealing with an incident on the A34 near Whitchurch.  As a result the northbound carriageway has been closed. Diverted traffic will be taken off at Whitchurch and can rejoin the A34 at Litchfield.”

The AA’s traffic updates said that the A34 had an average speed of 10mph due to the build up of traffic, with “severe delays of ten minutes and delays increasing.”

The southbound route carriageway is also saw “severe delays of 18 minutes” though these are easing. The average speed was around five mph.

The incident was cleared at around 6:30pm.