SOME members of the public have been accused of prioritising their social life over the health of others by hosting house parties for Halloween, after police fined 92 people over the weekend.

Hampshire Constabulary issued almost 100 fixed penalty notices on Friday and Saturday night, attending 33 incidents where health regulations were being breached, as well as an assault during which they were spat at by a man claiming to have Covid-19.

Police said that the majority of people followed the guidelines to keep everyone safe while celebrating, but found a number of people “still putting their social life ahead of their own health, the health of loved ones, and those who are vulnerable by hosting house parties and breaching the rule of six”.

This included 30 fines given to one group of people having a house party in Southampton. Police said when they arrived many people tried to get away by running out of the back of the house.

Another man in Winchester was reported for a breach of Covid regulations after allowing more than six people to gather in his house.

The owner of Emporium on Elm Grove, in Southsea, was served with a £1,000 penalty after allowing a group of 12 people to attend the premises for a birthday party.

In Southsea, officers attending a report of an assault were spat at, sneezed and coughed on by a man claiming he had coronavirus.

Maggie Blyth, assistant chief constable, said: “The only way we can get this virus under control and save lives is by everyone in the community sticking to the legislation and taking responsibility.

“The health regulations are in place to protect you, your friends, your families.

“Thankfully, most people in the community understand the seriousness of the situation and are following the guidance. It was great to see lot of people enjoying Halloween in a safe way.

“But this weekend has proved there are always a few people who ignore what is best for them and others and make decisions that put other people’s lives at risk.

“The majority of the incidents we attended on Saturday night were house parties organised by adults and attended by significantly more than six people. Where this is still happening our enforcement activity is, by necessity, focused and robust.

“We will continue to focus our efforts on those who are intent on ignoring the legislation, at the same time as tackling offenders, reducing crime, and protecting those who need our help – with crime rates back up to pre-pandemic levels, officers are working really hard to keep the public safe.

“We must remember, it is only by us all working together to follow the legislation that we are able to limit the spread of the virus.

“I want to thank everyone who is taking their personal responsibility seriously and I want to assure you that we will continue to take action against those who needlessly put others at risk.

“The change in restrictions outlined by government on the weekend come into effect on Thursday 5 November and more information can be found on the Government’s website Please refrain from calling us to ask questions about the new legislation, we need to keep our lines open for emergency calls.

“For now, it’s important to remember the restrictions that are currently in place, specifically the rule-of-six, the wearing of face masks, self-isolation rules and limitations on gatherings.”

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