Andover Town Council was thrown into further disarray this evening after an email attributed to Cllr David Treadwell called on the town mayor to step down.

The email, posted on Facebook Group Politics in Andover, asked Cllr Richard Rowles, the other elected member of the Andover Alliance party, to step down as chairman of the town council.

The email said that the Mayor was “not allowing councillors to speak at meetings” and “mak[ing] up council rules that do not exist,” before discussing a number of opinions regarding the ongoing grievance process.

The email added that the request was being made before a vote of no confidence was officially requested, and asked locum town clerk Tracy Predeth to confirm the process to raise an extraordinary general meeting.

It went on to ask other councillors if they are “willing to support the calling of an EGM to consider a motion of no confidence in the Chairman.”

Cllr Rowles has now made a statement regarding the call.

Cllr Treadwell was contacted for comment.

This a breaking news story. Updates to follow.