Dear editor,

I have Been very surprised and saddened at recent news of Andover being lumped in with the rest of Hampshire as a Tier Two restricted area.

Vanity wins the day. It will be allowed that people can use gyms, a place of constant perspiration and the sharing of washing facilities. Beauty salons will also be allowed to reopen - a place where you can have another person up up against their face, plucking bits and bobs out of them.

Then sports fans have been told they can return to football games. These are surely dens of contagion which shouldn't be allowed to open as they are super spreaders of infection?

The pub needs to be championed to reopen. Pubs have put in a lot of expense and effort to get patrons to distance such as physical barriers, table service, limited menus and reduced hours. So why the unequal balance?

Luke Hysted, Elm Bank Road, Andover.