Nigel Farage has visited the site of the proposed Barton Stacey camp as part of his series ‘Nigel Farage Investigates.”

The Brexit Party leader visited the village after he said he had received an email from a resident regarding the plans, which will see an immigration camp built on the site of former army barracks near to the village if approved.

He visited a number of locations within the village, including the church, village shop and trout fishery, as well as the proposed site itself.

While admitting that he didn’t know much about Barton Stacey, Farage said that he had a personal connection to the village, saying that his father “was commissioned into the tank regiment there in 1954.”

He spoke to the chair of the parish council, Nicholas Prideaux, who said that residents of the village were “understanding.”

Prideaux said that they “understand that these people have got to be looked after, but you don’t look after young men or anyone in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do."

He added that he couldn’t believe “any self-respecting man or woman” would look at the site and think it suitable for a new camp.

Farage said that there was a “huge level of concern” from residents over the plans, and spoke of similar camps established by the Home Office at former army sites in Folkestone in Kent and Penally in Pembrokeshire.

However, he said that “given just how inappropriate this site is, there may just be a chance of getting this one stopped.”

A decision on the plans is set to be made in the coming weeks.