Many of us are used to walking around Andover and enjoying its lovely landmarks. Whether it is the historic Guildhall or St Mary's Church, we are not short of breathtaking things to look at.

But one teenager has found a way to picture the town from a new angle - using his drone to capture stunning images from a bird's eye view.

Sixteen-year-old Jez Rolfe has created a selection of photographs that show Andover as many will never have seen it before.

The teenager, who has ambitions of becoming a professional photographer, has shown his potential in capturing the town's beauty using his DJI Mini 2 drone camera.

His passion for photography started in June 2019. Wildlife and motorsport are his favourite genres, but Jez said he enjoys all kinds of the craft.

The drone is a new addition to his camera collection, and he is instantly intrigued by its new dimension.

You can find out more about Jez's photography by searching Jez Rolfe Photography on Facebook.

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