A BRAVE Andover couple confronted masked men and wrestled one to the ground as they successfully stopped their neighbour’s business from a break-in.

Good Samaritans Spencer and Toni Whiteley spotted a pair allegedly attempting to break into a unit next to their gym at Alexander Bell Centre in the West Portway Industrial Estate on Wednesday, December 30.

They got a text earlier in the evening from a concerned neighbour who saw people hanging around their businesses.

As Spencer and Toni arrived, they saw a group of masked men attempting to break into the fire exit.

“My military training kicked in at that point,” Spencer told the Advertiser. “I shouted and screamed to cause havoc, then ran down the alley and chased after them. One jumped the fence but I managed to grab another around the knees and wrestle him to the ground.”

As Toni ran towards him, Spencer was “tussling” with the man to keep him to the floor. Once they had him under citizen’s arrest, Toni called the police who arrived in minutes.

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed that a 31-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary.

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