Police have appealed for witnesses after a pair of burglars went on a crime spree in Andover earlier this week.

Hampshire Constabulary issued the appeal after several cars were broken into, and items stolen from them, on the evening of Tuesday and into Wednesday morning.

The suspects also attempted to break into a home on Bishops Way at around 1:10am after stealing from the owner’s car. However, they were unsuccessful at getting into the building.

The crime spree initially began on the evening of January 5, where the perpetrators broke into a number of cars in town. Their break-ins occurred across Andover, including the wards of Harroway, St Mary’s and Millway.

In the latter, the pair of burglars broke into a car and stole a number of personal items, before attempting to steal from the owner’s home in the early hours of January 6. Black tape was found at the scene, which police believe was used to disable the security lights to aid their attempt.

However, the suspects were unsuccessful at breaking in, and left the property empty-handed.

Police officers asked anyone who witnessed unusual or suspicious activity to contact them and assist with their investigation.

In particular, police are keen to identify two individuals identified as suspects in the case.

One is described as wearing a hoody with a logo, which potentially had the words “nineteen ninety-three” emblazoned down the side of the left arm. They were also wearing gloves and facemask.

The other is described as wearing a quilted puffa jacket with a hoody underneath, and carrying a rucksack. They were also wearing a face mask and gloves.

Officers said that they “appreciate there isn’t much to go on at this time,” but called for any potential witnesses to come forward all the same.

PCSO Sarah Matthews, from Andover’s Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “At some point between the evening of the 5th January 2020 and the morning of the 6th of January 2020 Andover has experienced several cars being broken into where some items have been stolen and on one incident the perpetrators have entered a vehicle and then tried to gain entry to a residence.

“These incidents took place around the Millway, Harroway and the St Mary's area of Andover however these criminals tend to move around to different locations so we would like to encourage everyone to remain vigilant, keep your vehicles and homes secure and to also make sure no valuables are left on show in the vehicles.”

Hampshire Constabularyy asked anyone with information to phone 101 with the reference 44210005481. Alternatively, members of the public can call Crimestoppers completely anonymously on 0800 555 111.