The arrival of 2021 saw snow falling over places near us, turning the area into a Winter Wonderland.

As ever, the contributors to Andover Advertiser Camera Club shared stunning views they witnessed as they enjoyed time outdoors during the freezing weather in recent days.

And when it comes to winter photos, photographers in Andover are exceptional at capturing the beauty of snowy winters.

The places near us can be a snowscape like nowhere else in the country, and thus, photographers have the unique task of capturing the beautiful landscapes present.

The chilly weather and the lockdown restrictions might keep most people locked inside, but winter is a very special time for photography. Ever-present are snowy landscapes, covered-up architecture, portraits in the silence, and the snow.

In a landscape glittering with winter sunlight, the fells took on a magical, mysterious quality.

Some of the photos took our breath away.

We’ve rounded up some of the best photos here.Unfortunately, we cannot publish all the photos. But you can join the camera club to see the photos and also contribute with your own photography.

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