This is the moment three suspected burglars were caught on camera allegedly trying to break into a private property last night. 

The incident happened around two miles outside Andover in Newbury Lane, Penton Mewsey.

In the footage, two men and a woman are allegedly seen using crowbars to break into an outdoor workshop.

However, they gave up their attempt and fled when they realised they were caught on camera.

Police have been alerted about the incident. The burglars have left fingerprints and footprints at the scene.

The person who caught the attempt on camera said the burglars were targeting presumably workshop tools.

Danielle Rolfe said: “One of them is called Gav, audio confirms also one woman [sic].

“No gloves on, so police on way to fingerprint, also left footprints. Burglary failed due to them scarpering when they realised they were on camera.”

She has also asked other residents to check their security at outbuildings to ensure they are protected against this kind of theft.

When contacted about the incident, a spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary told the Gazette: "We received a report of attempted burglary at an address on Chalkcroft Lane, Penton Mewsey, at around 12.10am this morning (13 January).

"Two men and a woman were seen on camera to try and force entry to a workshop, they were unsuccessful and left empty handed. Anyone with information is asked to phone 101 with the reference 44210013742."