The latest Covid-19 test results show that cases in Test Valley are decreasing, though cases in some areas are still increasing.

In the week leading up to January 8, Test Valley recorded 570 cases, a decrease of 15 from the week before, with a rolling rate of 451.8 cases per 100,000 people.

Test Valley is also broken into smaller geographic areas, known as MSOAs, or Middle Layer Super Output Areas, which are smaller, postcode-linked areas that are used for a range of government statistics.

Breaking down the cases over the week up to January 8 by area, many of the MSOAs recorded saw slight declines in their figures, though many between Andover and Tidworth bucked that trend.

Tidworth and Ludgershall had the highest number of cases, and was the only area to have more than 100 in this reporting period, with 128 cases and a rolling rate of 707.8 per 100,000 – significantly above the English average of 654.9.

This is an increase of 49 cases in the previous week – a 62 per cent rise.

Nearby areas, including Over Wallop and Shipton Bellinger and Andover West also had rises in case numbers, with five more in the former and seven in the latter.

Other areas with high numbers of cases included Andover London Road & East Anton, Andover West and Andover Central.

Of areas with cases, Chilbolton, Clatford & Barton Stacey had the lowest number, with sixteen. This is a fall of four from the previous week, and a rate of 303.9 per 100,000.

As of Wednesday, January 13, Test Valley had reported 3,432 positive cases of Covid-19. There have so far been 146 deaths with Covid-19 recorded as the cause of death.

Here’s the cases and rates over the week to January 8 broken down by each MSOA, with numbers first, and rates in brackets:

Tidworth & Ludgershall – 128 (707.8)

Andover London Road & East Anton – 90 (530.5)

Andover West – 39 (386.0)

Andover Central – 37 (462.0)

Over Wallop & Shipton Bellinger – 31 (427.4)

Andover Newbury Road – 31 (404.3)

South Wonston, Sutton Scotney and Micheldever – 30 (510.4)

Nether Wallop, Kings Somborne & Dunbridge – 29 (373.0)

Whitchurch & Ashmansworth – 24 (336.4)

Andover Charlton & Bourne Valley – 23 (326.1)

Overton & North Waltham – 22 (322.2)

Andover South – 22 (273.0)

Chilbolton, Clatford & Barton Stacey – 16 (303.9)