A motion by Andover councillors for Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to provide period products has been deferred.

Cllrs David Coole and Victoria Harber had proposed that TVBC should provide free period products in all council owned female and gender neutral toilets, as well as making a period poverty payment of £17.30 per eligible student to local schools.

However, the motion was deemed to fall under the auspices of the council’s cabinet, with the motion to deferred for further research to be made.

Cllr Coole and Cllr Harber had proposed that free period products should be provided in all female and gender-neutral toilets managed across the borough, as well as encouraging other parish and town councils to do the same. They also called on TVBC to encourage non-political bodies, such as businesses, charities and community groups to do the same.

They also called on the council to top up money provided by central government to pay for free period products in schools. At present, schools receive 35 per cent of the cost of providing these products based on number of students aged 16-19 with female listed on their birth certificates. Those who identify as female, non-binary and transgender can all have access to period products.

The motion suggested TVBC should pay the remaining 65 per cent by offering a period poverty payment of £17.30 per eligible student so that they can offer period products in their own facilities.

Cllr Martin Hatley, however, said that the motion would not be discussed during the full council meeting on January 27 as it is “within the cabinet’s scope.” Cllr Coole will be given notice to attend the meeting and given the chance to explain his motion.

He said: “I think it’s a very important subject and one which would get a far better chance of being examined in far more detail. A lot of questions were asked of me by members and it’s not the time to make policy on the hoof without getting that information.

“I hope that it will be dealt with as soon as possible.”

The motion will now be added to the cabinet’s agenda at a later date.