A NUMBER of residents have died at an Andover care home following a Covid outbreak, the Advertiser can report.

Sources told the Advertiser that at least five residents have died at Andover Nursing Home, located on Weyhill Road, as a result of the outbreak, with others having

tested positive for the virus. When this was put to Andover Care Limited, which runs the home, they did not dispute this.

The home is being supported by Public Health England, who said they had been informed of deaths at the home but were unable to provide an exact figure.

A director of Andover Care Limited said that Andover Nursing Home was “communicating regularly with all residents, their families, and our local public health team” in response to the outbreak.

The Advertiser understands that the outbreak began last week, with sources reporting that there had been at least five deaths at the home, with more staff and residents said to have contracted Covid-19.

It is the first outbreak the home has suffered during the pandemic.

It follows Enham Trust having its residents be prioritised for vaccination after its CEO pleaded with the West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) following an outbreak.

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