Police have released an image of the inside of one of the three cannabis farms in Andover raided in the past week.

The image, of the inside of the farm found on King George Road, shows rows upon rows of cannabis plants lined up inside the property. Cabling and ducting hang from the ceiling, providing the correct conditions to allow the plants to grow.

At this property, 90 plants were seized, as well as hydroponic equipment, which is used to grow plants without soil. A 21-year-old man found at the house was arrested on suspicion of a drug production offence, and has been released under investigation.

Following the raid of the King George Road property on February 26, two more properties, on May Trees Road and Silver Birch Road, were raided on March 1. 190 more cannabis plants were found inside, bringing the total value of the plants seized to over £250,000.

Discussing the raids, Test Valley Inspector Chris Taylor said: “Production of cannabis on this scale is often linked to organised crime gangs and hidden harm.

“Those gangs may take advantage of vulnerable people, exploiting them or making them work in servitude in squalid conditions.

“Not only is there a human cost, but there is also a financial cost to the landlords due to the extensive damage caused in setting up these cannabis factories.

“Often holes have been cut in walls, structural chimney stacks have been compromised, floors and carpets have been flooded and main electricity boxes tampered with causing huge fire risks.

“That’s why we are keen to hear from people who suspect there is cannabis cultivation or drug related activity going on in their neighbourhood. Every call you make to us is logged and helps us build an intelligence picture of what might be happening in your neighbourhood.

“During lockdown, landlords may not be checking their properties as often. We would urge them to do this, and to report any suspicious activity at their properties as soon as possible so that we can take action.”