WHEN you're gearing up for a long weekend, the last thing you need is to stress over changes to your weekly routine, including when to put your bin out.

So, we've checked the schedule, to make your life easier.

Although it is usual in Test Valley for bins to be collected a day later on bank holidays, this will NOT be the case over the Platinum Jubilee break.

Waste collections tomorrow (June 2) and Friday (June 3) will remain unchanged, Test Valley Borough Council has confrimed.

The council website states that residents should put their bins out by 7am on their collection day. 

The collection of household waste and recycling takes place on alternate weeks. This means that your black household waste wheeled bin will be emptied one week and your brown recycling wheeled bin will be emptied the following week.

This week's collection is of the black, refuse, bins.

Posting to Facebook, Cllr Phil North, TVBC leader, wrote: "A reminder to put your black bins out as normal. A huge thanks to the bin crews for all that they do."

For more information on waste collection in the borough, or to check the correct collection day for your postcode, visit: testvalley.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling/waste

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