THE Covid-19 pandemic could be the reason why the trust which runs Andover hospital has recorded its highest number of pressure ulcers in two years.

Figures reported to Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust (HHFT) board of directors show that the rate of category two, three and four pressure ulcers per 100 patients was 2.59 in February, against a monthly target of 0.85.

Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, are caused by prolonged pressure to the skin, often in those confined to beds and wheelchairs. Those in such situations are turned regularly to prevent the problem from developing.

The report said: “The rate of hospital acquired pressure ulcers has increased this month and is the highest it has been for two years.”

It said this is “representative of the acuity and medical speciality of the patients in the trust as a result of the second and third surges”.

It added: “The national picture suggests that the increase in pressure ulcers could be linked to physiological changes, medical devices availability, poor nutrition, reduced mobility and workforce all caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The data does, however, show a reduction in category three and four pressure ulcers over the last two years.