Andover Fire Station had received “advanced” new equipment and vehicles that allow it to battle fires in innovative ways.

The fire station has taken delivery of a new truck which contains the Cobra Coldcutting Extinguisher, which is able to cut holes into buildings as well as pumping water directly at the fire. As a result, firefighters have to less often enter a building, making their jobs safer.

Andover Fire Station said that crews would be training with the new kit over the next couple of weeks, and for members of the public to keep an eye out for them.

The crews took delivery of the new equipment on April 6. The fire engine, made by Volvo, contains a number of new features not present on older models of equipment, including digital panels on the outside of the vehicle. It is also branded with the logo of the recently formed Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service.

It also contains a variety of new equipment alongside staples of the industry. Foremost among these is the Cobra Coldcutting Extinguisher, which the fire station described as an “advanced modern firefighting system.”

It sprays a high pressure jet of water and abrasive substances, such as sand, from its nozzle. This allows it to be able to cut holes into buildings with hard to reach fires, and pump water directly to the source of the flames, often with the assistance of a thermal camera.

The system is credited with being safer for firefighters, as they can tackle the fire from a further distance as they can direct water straight to the source.

Also amongst the new equipment delivered were new e-Draulic jaws of life, which are smaller and lighter than previous models. They are also battery powered, allowing them to fit into more awkward spaces.

Crews will be training in the new vehicle and with the new equipment in the coming weeks, and it will soon be out on the road to tackle Andover’s fires.