The people standing for election in Andover Town Council, Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council elections have been revealed, as have the police and crime commissioner candidates.

Following the deadline closing for the nomination of candidates for the elections taking place on May 6, the statements of persons nominated have been published.

In Andover, by-elections are taking place for both the borough and town council, as well as full elections for Hampshire County Council and the police and crime commissioner.

In addition, there will be Neighbourhood Planning Referendums held for Charlton, Chilbolton, Thruxton and Upper Clatford, where residents will decide whether to adopt neighbourhood plans for use in all future decisions on construction in their respective areas.

The polls were due to take place last year, but were postponed following the outbreak of Covid. As a result, they are now due to take place on Thursday, May 6, between 7am and 10am.

One councillor has been elected in Andover unopposed, with Kevin Hughes having stood uncontested in the Downlands Ward. As a result, the town council will gain him as a Liberal Democrat member.

Meanwhile, Susan Hill has been elected unopposed for Stockbridge Parish Council.

All others will go to an election to compete against other candidates, with some wards, such as St Mary's Ward on Andover Town Council, electing more than one member in the vote.

The full details of candidates standing are below:

- Andover Town Council


Kevin Hughes – Liberal Democrat – Elected unopposed


Michael Mumford – Independent

Graham Walters – Liberal Democrat

St Mary’s

Richard Kidd – Liberal Democrat

Nigel Long – Liberal Democrat

Stuart Waue - Independent

- Hampshire County Council

Andover North

David Bass – Labour Party

Barbara Carpenter – Liberal Democrats

Rebecca Meyer – Andover Independents Party

Scott Neville – Hampshire Independents

Kirsty North – Conservative Party

Andover South

Susana Ecclestone – Andover Independents Party

Peter Griffiths – Reform UK

Christine Heath – Hampshire Independents

Robin Hughes – Liberal Democrats

Geoffrey McBride – Labour Party

Lance Mitchell – Green Party

Phil North – Conservative Party

Andover West

Seem Alsasa – Hampshire Independents

Judith Cole – Labour Party

David Coole – Andover Independents Party

Christopher Donnelly – Conservative Party

Luigi Gregori – Liberal Democrats

Norman Woods – UKIP


Alan Dowden – Liberal Democrats

Clare Fawcett – Reform UK

Alan Higginson – Conservative Party

David Stevens – Labour Party

Romsey Rural

Nick Adams-King – Conservative Party

Andrew Beesley – Liberal Democrats

Jane Elliott – Labour Party

Romsey Town

Stuart Bannerman – Labour Party

Mark Cooper – Liberal Democrats

Tim Mayer – Conservative Party

Andrew Peterson – Reform UK

Test Valley Central

Jonathan Cotterell – Green Party

David Drew – Conservative Party

David Hall – Liberal Democrats

Michael Mumford – Labour Party

Connor Shaw – Independent

- Police and Crime Commissioner

Tony Bunday – Labour and Co-operative Party

Steve James-Bailey – Hampshire Independents

Donna Jones – Conservative Party

Richard Murphy – Liberal Democrats

- Nursling and Rownhams Parish Council

Graham Barker – Party not Listed

Karen Dunleavey – Liberal Democrat

- Stockbridge Parish Council

Susan Hill – Party not Listed - Elected unopposed

- Test Valley Borough Council

Andover Millway

Susana Ecclestone – Andover Independents Party

Robin Hughes – Liberal Democrat

Tom Kingsley – Labour Party

Lance Mitchell – Green Party

Jim Neal – Conservative Party

Andover St Mary’s

Jan Budzynski – Conservative Party

Andy Fitchet – Labour Party

Nigel Long – Liberal Democrats

Chilworth, Nursling & Rownhams

Andrew Beesley – Liberal Democrats

Karen Dunleavey – Liberal Democrats

Mike Maltby – Conservative Party

Terese Swain – Conservative Party

- Wellow Parish Council

Harmeet Brar – Party not Listed

Genni Tuson – Party not Listed