Each week, the Advertiser will be asking each party a 'Big Question' on a pressing matter for Andover and Test Valley residents. This week, each party was given 100 words to answer - How do we reinvigorate Andover’s High Street?

Their responses are listed in alphabetical order below. If you have a question you'd like to propose, send it to newsdesk@andoveradvertiser.co.uk

Andover Independents

THE collapse of our High Street is not inevitable - opportunities exist to reverse the decline. Elected on the promise to regenerate the Town Centre, Andover Independents Party Councillors are involved in the Andover Town Masterplan and want to introduce:

  • Free parking
  • New weekday & Sunday markets
  • Better seating/fixtures/paving & civic art
  • New public toilets
  • Improved trees & plantings to soften streetscape
  • Indoor market/community department store
  • Year-round day/evening events
  • Lower business rates and rents
  • TVBC Offices relocated to the town centre

Vote Andover Independents Party and help us reinvigorate our High Street.


TOWN centres are changing. Fast. They’re becoming more of a place for leisure and living as well as retail. We recognised that change, which will only be sped up by Covid, some time ago - and responded by purchasing the Chantry Centre to facilitate a wider transformation of the town. Following public consultations, we put together the Andover Masterplan and have delivered phase one: a new Riverside Park at Town Mills. In the months and years ahead, we’re committed to implementing the rest of plan; redeveloping the Chantry Centre, opening up the river corridor and delivering a new wellbeing quarter.

Hampshire Independents

Hampshire Independents believe accessibility to the town centre is critical to its future success. In particular, good value parking to make it easy for people to visit and well-maintained roads. Bike racks should be integral to the town plan, so that there is one available wherever you go. Access to public transport is also important as older and disabled shoppers rely on key services. The focus should be on making the town centre attractive to specialist shops, which cater for a range of needs. A review of the Business Improvement District (BID) is important to ensure it delivers.


IN THE 2015 & 2019 elections Andover Labour campaigned on a platform of radical change in Andover town centre to rejuvenate our town. In 2019 we campaigned for an £80m investment in Andover to create new culture, hospitality, retail and residential properties in the town centre. We are pleased to see the Conservatives at Test Valley fulfilling this Labour vision through the Andover Masterplan. We want to make sure these radical promises to the residents of Andover are kept so that we can get a town centre which reflects the changing nature of towns in our time and one which all residents use and are proud of.

Liberal Democrats

THERE are no silver bullets to reinvigorate Andover’s High Street. Businesses need better council support. There are some basic steps that can be taken now including making Andover a more attractive and welcoming place to visit and shop in, with appealing markets and events which are complementary to our shops, and rents and rates which attract independent shops. The car parks should not be seen as cash cows for the council but as a key part of the transport infrastructure which should encourage visitors. The town centre has many attractive features, and we need to advertise them properly outside of Andover.

Michael Mumford - Independent

I THINK we all know that High Streets everywhere have to rethink their role.

The shopping experience here must be attractive. Shoppers have to want to come so we must attract them, think of it as a family day out, a pleasing experience. So, a clean attractive environment , street entertainment, pavement culture, more markets, places to sit and meet friends, pop up shops and surprises. To do nothing is not an option. I will support the Andover Master Plan. To be effective the town council must be united and strong and, if elected, I will work to that objective.

Stu Waue - Independent

TO ATTRACT more shops, reduce the business rates & rents. It makes more sense to get some money & have a shop filled than get nothing for an empty one. A larger & more diverse market, with fewer rules & the option for some stalls to have a daily plot. High Street events – create a performance area for local groups & performers at set times. Properly organised, approved & policed car & motorcycle group meets. The upcoming High Street boot sale is a great idea & I’d love to see how it goes.


Accepting the fact that no big high street names would be opening shops in Andover I feel that priority should be given to smaller local businesses by making retail outlets affordable to businesses just starting out. I feel a high street should have at least one local butcher, Baker and greengrocer selling local produce. Local businesses have proved to be successful.

Wherever possible convert the accommodation above shops to residential.

Any modernisation to the High Street should retain the historical buildings along it highlighting the history of Andover.

Reform UK and the Green Party did not respond to the Advertiser, but will continue to be invited to participate.