The town council has objected to plans that would see a chiropractor’s clinic converted into a dwelling as part of an ongoing saga.

3 Church Close was formerly the home of Chiros, now located on East Street. Following the move, Ian and Christine Waight submitted plans to convert the Grade II property into a dwelling.

Councillors objected to the plans on the grounds of parking and potential covenants on the property.

Following multiple applications, withdrawals and planning appeals for the property, the latest iteration of the plans were considered by Andover Town Council’s Planning Committee on Monday, April 19.

Councillor Barbara Long said that parking in the area was “getting a bit ridiculous”.

She said: “There seem to be only two parking spaces being allowed for the dwelling they’re going to create and it’s going to have at least five bedrooms. Of course, it’s in the town centre so they don’t need to have full parking there which I think is getting a bit ridiculous with how many residences are being granted in the town centre.

“It’s going to make residents reliant on parking in public car parks which then makes the public car parks full of people who are residents not visitors. I certainly think the parking issues need to be looked at but I’m not sure it’s bad enough to raise an objection.”

Cllr Luigi Gregori concurred, and also raised concerns about legal restrictions on the property, saying: “One of the neighbours has raised an objection about covenants on various properties and the problem is, according to him that the plans would breach the covenants that he’s got so my view is that Test Valley really needs to sort this out and I would be quite reluctant to support this application until the covenant situation is sorted out.”

He referred to an objection by Frank and Anna Harris, residents whose parking would be affected by the plans. They said that there is a covenant on the parking area giving them “access to the whole area”, and that plans to install fences in the site “is also breaking the covenant for our house”.

Following discussion, councillors voted to object to the plans on the grounds of providing “adequate parking” and for the investigation of potential covenants.