EACH week, the Advertiser will be asking each party a question on a pressing matter for Test Valley residents. This week, each party was asked to answer the following:

“The climate crisis is one of the most important issues in a generation. In 2019, the borough council declared a climate emergency and has set a target of 2050 to become carbon neutral. How does your party intend to ensure that the borough meets its targets, and should this date be brought forward?”

Here’s what they had to say:

Andover Independents

Our Conservative-led County and Borough Councils are moving at ‘snails-pace’ in responding to the Climate Emergency. To be effective, Action Plans need accelerating to achieve carbon neutrality and build sufficient resilience. By 2030, the Andover Independents Party wants to see:

  • 20 mph speed limit introduced for residential roads.
  • Minimum 60 per cent suitable public/commercial/residential buildings providing renewable energy.
  • 100 per cent waste recycled.
  • 100 per cent net zero carbon developments.
  • Compulsory electric charging points for new developments and retrospective installation for existing, on-street parking and car parks.
  • Sufficient trees/hedgerows planted and carbon capture systems introduced, to offset remaining carbon footprint.


Test Valley was one of the first councils to declare a climate emergency following the adoption of a cross-party motion proposed by the Conservatives. This reflected Parliament’s commitment to reach net-zero by 2050. Our subsequent Action Plan has meant that:

  • Electricity is bought from the Ofgem Renewable Energy Guarantee scheme.
  • Energy consumption in many of the council’s buildings has been dramatically reduced.
  • Electric bin lifts are being used on our waste vehicles and more electric vehicles purchased.
  • We’re planting many more trees.
  • We have further ambitious plans to increase recycling, rewild and replace our waste fleet with greener alternatives.

Hampshire Independents

Climate change cannot be addressed by any one council or government. However, supporting local businesses & farmers markets can be done locally to massively reduce food miles and transport requirements. Buying locally keeps transport emissions down.

Schools must not teach children to panic about climate change but get them involved in looking after the countryside round the county and giving them a stake in the area (championing places like Finkley Down Farm). Our environment needs to be managed by millions of people who care rather government officials. Encourage management and growth of our local woodlands. Dig for victory!


The climate crisis is the biggest threat we face as humanity. It seems far away, so decisions are kicked into the long grass. This must change. We want to see the Borough set a guarantee to be carbon neutral by 2030.

We have long campaigned for better doorstep recycling, including glass, waste food and increased plastics such as yoghurt pots, to make it easier for us all to do our bit.

We want to see Test Valley move their service fleet to electric vehicles from the current diesel ones and we want to see carbon offsetting by planting 10,000 more trees across the Borough each year.

Liberal Democrats

The climate emergency is a direct threat to our society. It cannot wait until 2050. This date should be brought forward to 2030. The best way of achieving this is to elect Liberal Democrats to power.

There are a number of easy steps councils could do now. They range from improving recycling including doorstep collection of glass and food waste, ensuring a network of paths and cycleways across Andover, to council offices and vehicles using green energy.

Our new homes need to be built green with proper insulation, electric charging points and heat pumps. Finally, more trees and green space.

Michael Mumford

This is the biggest and most important issue facing the world today. HCC, TVBC and Andover TC must play their part. Environmental impact should be considered as part of every Council decision, not just ones traditionally regarded as falling under the green agenda.

In fact we have to catch up with the younger generations thinking on this vital issue, Prince Charles and his father were not far behind either.

Hampshire and TVBC must be carbon neutral by 2030. Better recycling, carbon offsetting, and a move to electric cars will help considerably as will the planting of thousands of trees.

Reform UK

The planet warms because the Sun shines on it.

Declarations of Emergency made by the council should be looked at in the context in which they are made. Ask “Cui Bono?” [Editor’s note - Latin for ‘To whom is it a benefit?’]

It is clear to see the benefit to those ruling Andover of anything that allows them to spend more of our money.

I think the target should be pushed back to the year 3000.

As regards the war on carbon, we should remember that we are carbon based lifeforms as are all plants and animals.

Recently, £33,000 of bronze was wasted with a Greta Thunberg Statue.

“How dare they!”

Stuart Waue

WE NEED to maintain a balance between what consumes oxygen and what produces it, so there should be a larger percentage of green space for every housing development – this could be allotments, play areas or even small woodland.

To support that, I believe no new industrial buildings should be built unless there are guaranteed tenants for them, and, where possible, existing empty buildings should be utilised first. New builds should be fitted with electric vehicle charging points, solar panels & rainwater harvesting – much cheaper than retrofitting later on.

Rather than aiming at a specific year, let’s concentrate on hitting the target as early as possible.


  • UKIP will uphold high environmental standards that protect our air quality, waterways, woodlands, farmland and other habitats.
  • UKIP seeks to develop policies that address excessive packaging and the use of plastic where they are detrimental to the environment.
  • UKIP would re-establish the successful local drainage supervisory boards run by those most affected by flooding. Farmers and riverside landowners must be allowed undertake the necessary work on their land to prevent flooding without penalties.
  • UKIP will protect our woodlands and end the sale and privatisation of woodland managed by the Forestry Commission and National Parks.
  • We would not aim to reduce the 2050 target.

The Green Party did not respond, but will continue to be invited to participate