The partner of the driver involved in a crash with a 16-year-old cyclist claims that the boy “hit the car out of absolutely nowhere”.

The teenager was knocked off his bike near Tesco Extra on Churchill Way shortly before 6pm this evening (April 26). He was treated by paramedics at the scene, and was taken away by ambulance around an hour and a half after the incident.

The driver’s partner, Ben, said that it was “good news” the boy was not seriously hurt, and hoped he would recover soon.

Ben said that he came forward to give “a good, clear, succinct understanding” of the events following rumours on social media, which have variously claimed that an ‘old woman’ had been struck, or even that the car was stolen.

He alleged that a group of teenagers had been by the pedestrian crossing, with the light on green, as they approached in the right hand lane in a white Nissan, with a HGV from Waitrose in the left. He claimed that shortly before the incident, the car was driving to the rear side of the lorry, and so would not have been visible to the teenager.

“As it’s a green light she continued,” he told the Advertiser, “and the youngster decided to cross the road for whatever reason and risk it.

“He was very, very close to hitting the HGV which slammed on its brakes, and my partner slammed on the brakes when he hit the car out of absolutely nowhere.

“Fortunately, she did a rapid response and stopped before the HGV did.”

He said the boy and his bike had collided with the bonnet of the car and hit the windscreen, something he claimed the driver of the Waitrose lorry had captured on their dash cameras. He added that he and his partner, along with the driver, had waited with the boy before emergency services arrived.

He alleged that the boy had sustained an open ankle fracture wound after he landed on the road, rather than when he hit the car. Ben added that his partner had sustained minor injuries in the incident, while both were in shock.

“He doesn’t seem to have serious injuries which is the good news,” he said, “except they’re going to do further tests so it’s hard to tell at this exact time.”

He alleged that the vehicle was cleared by police shortly after their arrival, as “they didn’t need to have a further investigation of the car.” He also claimed that they had also spoken with the boy’s father at the scene, who was “thankful” they had waited with his son.

Hampshire Constabulary are yet to make an official comment on the incident.