Andover’s almshouses are hoping to raise a smile as part of a national campaign in memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

On Saturday, May 1, trustees and residents of Andover’s almshouses, run by the Andover Charities, will gather outside Borsberry Close to take a socially distanced smiling picture. They will be joined across the country by other almshouses doing the same.

The CEO of The Almshouse Association, Nick Phillips, said the goal of the pictures was to “celebrate the happiness” of almshouse groups and combat loneliness.

The Andover Charities is an organisation that helps those who find themselves - through no fault of their own - in significant need, and who live in Andover and the surrounding area.

It dates back to 1836, though it is composed of predecessor groups that are much older. It owns the Acre Almhouses in Adelaide Road as well as 15 bungalows in nearby Borsberry Close, which are given to those who need it in the community.

The charity has decided, as part of a national campaign, to take part in the ‘Captain Tom 100’ challenge, as part of which people across the country are being asked to do 100 ‘anythings’ to raise money for charity.

These 100 ‘anythings’ will help raise money for The Captain Tom Foundation which has three core objectives: combating loneliness, championing education and equality, and providing support to the NHS.

Andover’s almshouses are planning to join in with the national campaign, particularly with a focus on combatting loneliness. Residents and trustees of the group will be gathering on Saturday to make the town’s contribution to the campaign.

The CEO of the Almshouse Association said: “To celebrate the remarkable achievements of Captain Tom, the idea is to celebrate the happiness we have among our large family that makes up our almshouse movement. Almshouses offer those in need a safe and secure home at a price they can afford – but they are about companionship and the friendships that develop around our distinctive model of courtyards and gardens that define an almshouse.

“Combating loneliness is one of the causes that both we and Captain Tom are passionate about and our commitment to a strong community spirit for all our residents encapsulates this.”